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6 advantages of our service for your construction site, home or business

1.- Renting equipment is a hassle. Lights, hitches and car model needs to be right before you leave the lot. Figure on a long 45 minutes to pay and get setup.

2.- You still have to do the lifting. When using our services, it’s all done including the heavy stuff. And if you happen to be unaccustomed for the strain, an injury or sore muscles are the most likely result.

3.  Lowering risk. When hauling something heavy behind your vehicle, the risk is high if your brakes aren’t up to the task, or if someone stops quickly in front of you or  if the load shifts or spills. We take on these risks instead.

4.  A call gets things done -even small loads. We actually like smaller loads that may look like a waste of time for you.

5.  We are prepared to get things done. We have all the equipment needed, including things not available at your local hardware stores, but are needed to handle loads efficiently.

6.  No waiting in lines or payment issues. Yep, even at the dump you can get caught in a half-hour long line. What fun! Also, since the Orange County Landfill does not take ATMs, and needs two checks in paying for reweigh of your load,

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